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Aluminium Joinery

As the second largest area keeping the British weather at bay, the quality of our standard aluminium joinery is of the utmost importance. In this area as with all of our materials, the option of specifying to a need rather than down to a price, makes all of the difference to the ongoing performance of our INSITU Garden Offices. Along with specifying top quality aluminium glazing, all of our joinery installations are undertaken by qualified and experienced installers. We do not ask our our carpenters, who are fantastic at carpentry, to install glazing. This is an investment in quality that we see paying dividends for our clients, time after time!


As the natural partner to the aluminium joinery, the quality of glazing cannot be underestimated in the overall performance of any garden room being used for all year round comfortable use. As standard we use Argon filled Celsius Clear Performance Glass. This neutral tinted glass offers the following performance that truly enhances the capabilities of your office glazing: Heat reflectionof 58% reducing heat in summer months, thermal insulationof 50% giving a U-value of 1.0 and reducing heating bills, UV protection of 73%, reducing harmful UV rays allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics, visible light transmission of 61%, the neutral appearance making it an ideal product and EASY CLEAN, offering significantly reduced manual cleaning as water runs off taking most of the dirt and grime with it!

Cedar Cladding

Your new garden room will be the focal point of your garden, the quality of the external office covering is of the utmost importance. It is no coincidence that where performance in extreme temperatures is required in Scandinavia and North America, it is the premium grade western red cedar that is specified. The premium performance of western red cedar along with its natural beauty and long life, makes this the obvious choice for your INSITU garden office. All cedar used on our offices, studios and relaxation rooms is endorsed by Canada Wood and therefore of the highest quality and provenance.

SIPS Wall Specification

As the largest element to the integrity of your new garden office, the quality and strength of the SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel) panel is of utmost importance. It is because of this that we exclusively use only BSA certificated SIPS panels. The stringent tests that the British Board of Agrement submit the manufacturer to passing, ensure that your garden room structure has a life expectancy of in excess of sixty years. As your INSITU garden space will be made entirely of these SIPS panels, excluding the glazing, it is comforting to know that you are enclosed in a highly efficient and durable environment. Cool in Summer, warm in winter. The perfect environment for working from home.


For all of the importance of the main structural elements of your INSITU Garden Office, it is the everyday items such as light switches and power sockets that you will actually interact with every day. These have been chosen again to reflect the quality of the overall package and not down to a price. This, at every touchpoint, confirms the fact that your investment in your garden office will continue to perform, year after year. The number of recessed downlights both internally and externally along with power sockets depends on the size of garden room specified, with an option of a contemporary external PIR light (Recommended). As designs and trends change we keep an eye on what is current and make sure that an INSITU garden office reflects the mood of the moment.

Firestone EPDM Roof

 The choice of Firestone RubberCover as a brand leader with many years experience in the production of EPDM, enables us to sell to our customers with the confidence of a manufacturers 20 year guarantee and an expected life of 50 years plus. The manufactures guarantee is only valid if the installers have had full Firestone EPDM training and have passed with certification. Not only have our installers passed but directors have as well! This modern roofing solution also enables the addition of a sedum roof if so required.



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