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The Business Backbone Of Any Office

The need for your INSITU garden office to be a productive environment and have all of the Telecoms and IT / Data infrastructure that any corporate office would have, is a major factor in the design and specification of all INSITU garden offices. Our experience shows that by understanding your existing and future IT / DATA and VoIP communication requirements we can produce a highly productive office that will be able to operate effectively for years to come.

We supply Telecoms and IT / Data solutions that range from supplying a totally new package to re configuring and moving an existing home based network. The ability to offer the exact cabling and back up systems that make for a stress free business environment is a major benefit to our customers. We can also accommodate any Sky, Sky+, home cinema or music room requirements upon request.

A major element of our Telecoms solutions involves the benefits of moving to a VoIP telecoms system that provides numerous benefits to our clients. Below you will find a few FAQ's that outline just what a VoIP system can offer the new INSITU garden office owner. 


VoIP routes your phone calls over the internet rather than through a traditional telephone line. Although your phone uses the internet, it is not linked to your computer, in fact your computer has nothing to do with your Telecoms. The people you call don't need VoIP or an internet connection, they use their normal 'landline' phone as usual. People calling you use their 'landline' phone in exactly the same way. 

A useful starting point is to ascertain what broadband provision your current telephone exchange can deliver, we recommend as a good indicator of your local exchanges broadband capabilities. From this site you can see easily what the different providers can supply in the way of speed and contract cost.

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