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FAQ's For Home Working With VoIP

VoIP routes your phone calls over the internet rather than through a traditional telephone line. Although your phone uses the internet, it is not linked to your computer, in fact your computer has nothing to do with your Telecoms. The people you call don't need VoIP or an internet connection, they use their normal 'landline' phone as usual. People calling you use their 'landline' phone in exactly the same way. 

Q. What does VoIP stand for?

A. – VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol

Q. Why would I want VoIP? 

A. VoIP provides you with a phone number that is not attached to anywhere and so you can be anywhere and still receive a call to landline which Joe blogs on the streets would trust to call than someone’s mobile. How often have you missed calls at home or at work because you’re out, well how about moving all calls to your mobile with 5 clicks?

Q. I have a phone line in my house what will I need in my INSITU Garden Office? 

A. You could have another phone line in there for all your connectivity straight to it or you could use the phone through wireless like your computer.

Q. I have a broadband connection in my house, what will I need in my INSITU Garden Office? 

A. Completely up to the customer, you can run the phones and computer through wireless so just a plug for power

Q. I dont have a telephone line in my house, what will I need in my INSITU Garden Office? 

A. We could install the phone line for you with the Broadband on top for use in your home and INSITU office.

Q. I dont have a broadband connection in my house, what will I need in my INSITU Garden Office?

A. We can offer this to the house. On your current Landline or via a new install with simultaneous provide with Broadband

Q. How much will it cost?

A. From £4 - £100 per month depending on how much or little they need.

Q. How much can I save? 

A. From 20% - 80% on their current bills

Q.  Can you supply just VoIP or just broadband? 

A. We can do either or both.

Q. Will I see any unusual technology in my new office? 

A. There is nothing more than a router with a phone plugged in to it.

Q. Will I need any 'boxes' or switches in my house? 

A. No, however you may need to stick a Phone hub in the house for the wireless phone in the garden room.

Q. I have an extra phone can I use that? 

A. Yes you can.

Q. If I have a problem who would I call? 

A. INSITU or 3Cords any time

Q. Do I need to deal with BT? 

A. not at all we will do all of this on our own.

Q. What term of contract will I have?

A. Three months minimum term contracts on all services.

Q. I want to sound national, what can I do? 

A. We can provide you with 0800,0845 or 03333 (the new UK wide landline number so costs the same as and 01/02 number)

Q. I want to sound local, what can I do? 

A. We can provide a local number to all the areas in the UK that they wish to advertise in. And would only take 15 minutes to be up and running with anything from 3 numbers to 50 area numbers.

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