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Thermal Performance

The polyurethane insulation used for its superb thermal efficiency, 40% more efficient than the polystyrene alternative, resulting in low air flow and an evenly heated building. This allows for a much smaller heating system to be installed and also opens up many alternative solutions for heating, with greater eco credentials and lower running costs. A typical U Value for our SIPS panels is 0.27 with an even higher performance of 0.17 achievable from our 150mm panels. These levels of insulation enable our customers to be productive in their garden office or garden room all year round.

Construction Methods

The savings in time on site by using a prefabricated and pre insulated SIPS panel are significant, up to three times faster than traditional timber build, thus saving money. Time saving on site allows quicker access for all subsequent trades and enables a reduction in delays caused by inclement weather. These panels being used to make all elements of our office building, walls, floor and ceiling ensure the greatest performance for stiffness, strength, thermal performance, air permeability, fire resistance, sound insulation, weather tightness and longevity. Time is money and SIPS panels really do save time and money! The quick installation times of our INSITU Garden Office range is a huge benefit to our customers.

Environmental Credentials

SIPS buildings are highly energy efficient, strong, quiet and draught free, resulting in lower energy consumption than more traditional builds and a resultant reduction in CO2 emissions. SIPS panels are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner with full British Board of Agremant certificate and there is minimal on-site wastage. These environmental credentials allied to the eco benefits of home working from an INSITU Garden Office, really do enable our clients to work in a ‘green’ manner.

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